FAVORITE MOVE: Dancing Bear & Anything Obliques!
HOMETOWN: : Denver, Colorado

Lauren is a native Texaradan…despite growing up in The Woodlands, TX…she has spent the last 12 years in Colorado and just moved to Austin last year. While finishing her degree at CU Boulder, Lauren stumbled upon a Lagree class and within the next 2 months she became an instructor. Lauren was incredibly drawn to the pace, accessibility and inclusiveness for all fitness levels, focus on the deepest muscles of the core, and the unilateral based exercises that Lagree had to offer…needless to say she became more than just hooked. After becoming a Lagree instructor, Lauren went on to expand upon her fitness teaching career through Barre, Pilates, Boxing, Cycling, Personal Training, Yoga- you name it! Lauren uses beat counting, house music, extensive anatomical knowledge, and words of sincere encouragement to keep clients shaking and smiling. She cannot wait to share her contagious passion for Lagree with you all!