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What is Urban Lagree?

Our 45 minute total body workout will sculpt your body, boost your mood and have you SWEAT! We are an urban fitness community who will motivate and challenge to create a stronger and leaner you. We focus on  core stability, cardio endurance, high-intensity strength training. This is mental health as well as physical. Urban Lagree is for everyone and can be as challenging as you need it to be. Whether your recovering from injury, taking your fitness goal to the next level or simply needing a change, get ready to start achieving.


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Come experience the adrenaline-pumping, endorphin-releasing, muscle-making classes at Urban Lagree. We’ll have you moving and shaking so much, your body will beg for more! Purchase our new client special and put your first class on the calendar today!

Studio Vibe

It is more fun to sweat with friends and that is who you will find at the studio. We don’t show off, we just show up. There is no judging, comparing or critiquing. We uplift, we encourage and we transform. We push our limits, break out of our comfort zone and have a great time doing it. We are stronger together.


See What Our Clients Say About Us


My favorite workout of all time; it’s consistently challenging and you’re always sore the next day. It has also helped A TON with my chronic lower back pain… The instructors are awesome, the space is super welcoming and convenient (lots of street parking), and it’s way more affordable than any other classes I’ve taken. Can’t recommend it enough.

— Kathryn Schroeder


Top notch gym! Brand new modern equipment, super clean, thoughtfully designed interior… I had never tried Pilates before but he made it easy to figure out and the workout was way harder than I expected. But the classes are set up so you can go at your own pace and take breaks when needed (I took a bunch). Will definitely go again once my body stops aching 😉

— Nick Anderson


Such a beautiful, clean, light-filled studio that makes you feel at home as soon as you walk through the doors. The workout itself is unlike any other but what sets this Lagree studio apart is the friendliness of its staff as well as the vibe of the space – Lagree can be an intimidating workout to begin but this gorgeous studio is the perfect place to start. Try it out – you won’t regret it. (The dog-friendliness of the studio is also just the BEST!)

— Carolyn Williams


WHAT AN AMAZING CLASS lead by an ever more amazing, patient, wonderful, thorough instructor whom also happens to be the owner. Very effective workout, I will be going as often as I can and telling all my friends about it as well!

— Ana Zuniga

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