New Client Specials

Chicon | Rosedale | Olmos Park

Get Started

We are excited to have you join class but first you will need to create an account and purchase one of our new client specials. Once done go ahead and reserve your class at a time that works for you. Our classes are for all fitness levels. Plan to wear form fitting, breathable workout clothes. Class can either be done barefoot or with grippy socks. Bring your own water bottle, fill it up from our water fountain or purchase water at the studio. It’s as easy as that.

Arrive Early

All first-time clients must arrive at our studio10 minutes prior to class to receive an overview of the megaformer. If you do not arrive early, you risk being turned away for safety reasons. If you have any fitness goals or injuries now will be the time to let the instructor know so they can advise on any modifications. We turn the ramp off for all first-time clients until better familiarized with our machine.. Don’t worry, you will still get a killer workout and be sore the next day.

Stay Committed

When trying anything new there is always a learning curve. We encourage you to not get discouraged and remember that consistency and commitment will deserve the results. Your classes will be full of a variety of the over 180 Lagree moves. We love to mix up each class so that your muscles don’t get too accustomed to the same moves. Lagree is famous for its results so expect to feel and see a difference even after a few weeks. We know you’ll be pleased by your results!

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